Residential Facilities

Residential Facilities

Living in the Community

AKIM-Jerusalem’s residential facilities include 3 hostels and 17 apartments in and around Jerusalem. 172 residents, who are intellectually challenged, of different ages and functioning, live in these facilities.
These “in-the-community” living arrangements offer a “warm home” and ensure the best quality of life possible for each and every person.

Every day each of our residents goes out to work—some in sheltered workshops and others in the open market workplace. After they return home AKIM-Jerusalem provides a wide range of activities, including: Sports, gardening, arts, music, theater and further education projects.

For more information about our residential facilities, please contact us here.

  • +Beit Julia Hostel

    The Beit Julia hostel, established in 1969, was the first community-based residence for people with mental disabilities in Israel. Today, 34 men and women with disabilities live there, including Shlomo who was one of the original residents. For many years he was confined in an institution, however, since his arrival at Beit Julia he has flourished. Through the many creative activities available to him there, he has developed immensely as an artist. Shlomo’s paintings have been on exhibit on several occasions over the last 10 years, both in Israel and abroad and many of them have been sold. The staff members of Beit Julia not only care for the hostel residents’ physical and emotional well being, but also go to great lengths to help them develop their individual talents and help them pursue their preferred preoccupations.

  • +Beit Magen Hostel

    Ilana, an only child, and Shulamit who had 6 brothers, have been best friends for more than 30 years, since the day they met as new residents at the Magen hostel. 31 other residents live in the Magen hostel today together with Ilana and Shulamit, aged 32-84, many of whom are severely physically disabled as well as intellectually challenged.


  • +Beit Leo Apartments

    Life for Dudu, Uriel, Oded and Nadav has been very different since they moved into Beit Leo 11 years ago. They share an apartment within the house which has 8 more similar units – choosing when they want to visit with their friends, or eat in the communal dining room together with the other 26 residents and when they want their own peace and quiet in their private rooms.


  • +Apartments and Group Homes

    Fernando arrived from Argentina in 2008 and moved into AKIM-Jerusalem’s most recently opened apartment in 2009, together with 3 native-born Israelis, Gili, Shai and Oded. In all, one third of AKIM-Jerusalem’s residents live in 17 apartment and group homes around the city of Jerusalem. They share with the local population the same services in the community – banks, post office, pizza shops, cinema and supermarkets, etc.