Now in its 10th year running, “Tzaharon” is an extended school day program at the Ben Yehuda School of Special Education. Twenty-four children, ages 7–15 and with varying degrees of intellectual impairments, currently attend the program. The children are assigned to one of three groups depending on their level of functioning and they meet every school day, from Sunday to Thursday, for various activities.

Noam is now 13 years of age and he has been coming to the program for the past three years. Although he does not communicate verbally, during his time at Tzaharon he enjoys using a touch screen computer to play and communicate with his friends.

This recent donation of computers and educational software has given the children opportunities to think, be creative and to learn numbers and letters whilst they are playing and enjoying themselves. The progress of children with special needs does not come in one day, but when progress does come, as with the progress that we all make, it is typically the result of the investment we make as teachers, trainers, parents and benefactors. Every little step is a major advance and success for them as it is for us.

This project is funded and supported by our good friends, Mark and Erica Gerson, Jewish Child’s Day, and other anonymous donors.

For more information about this program please contact us here.