• +Theatre Workshop

    AKIM-Jerusalem’s drama workshop has been operating for 4 years and in cooperation with the P’sik Theatre troupe has produced 2 plays – The Thorny Rose and The Lioness’ Milk.

    The participants meet weekly and this activity has developed their imagination and increased their self-confidence, so that when they came to appear on stage they produced a cohesive and joyful performance.

  • +Art Workshop

    AKIM-Jerusalem’s art project was initiated 10 years ago. Since then the artists have shown everyone their innate ability to express their powerful inner worlds. Their artistic skills have increased over the years helping them face the daily challenges that are part of their everyday life.

    Ten exhibits of their works have been shown in Israel and abroad (Germany and Poland) with many of their paintings sold to members of the public.

  • +Vocational Gardening Workshop

    This project began as “Therapeutic Gardening” for the association’s residents in 2006. All of the participants were trained by “Shomera” Environmental Group. Five members of the group were then chosen to learn more professional skills that included using specialized equipment with the view to working outside of AKIM-Jerusalem’s gardens and hothouse.

    Today, AKIM-Jerusalem is looking to beautify gardens for apartment buildings, offices and private homes around its hostels in Talpiot and to assist the gardeners in further developing their vocational skills.

For more information about any of these workshops please contact us here.