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AKIM Jerusalem is one of Israel's longest-established and most successful charities in caring for individuals of all ages with intellectual disabilities, regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Its mission is to develop, advance and improve the quality of their lives.

Founded in 1951, AKIM Jerusalem was the first organization of its kind to offer independent and community-based living facilities to people with intellectual disabilities.

Over the years it has expanded its services significantly and now operates a full range of leisure, vocational and therapeutic programs, in addition to residential services, for some 170 individuals and their families. AKIM Jerusalem is a meaningful presence in their lives from childhood to old age.

As a provider of life-long services AKIM Jerusalem has been able to build on its wealth of experience by calibrating its programs and services carefully to ensure that they address the disparate needs of each individual.

AKIM Jerusalem provides accommodation for young people and adults with intellectual disabilities and of various levels of functioning.

It runs 18 apartments and 3 hostels housing 170 residents aged 21 and over within residential neighborhoods throughout Jerusalem.

The facilities provide a comprehensive system for day-to-day assisted living appropriate to the residents’ individual levels of functioning and social need.

AKIM Jerusalem regards integration with the wider community as being key to the establishment of a balanced and healthy society in which its beneficiaries can feel they are accepted.

AKIM Jerusalem advocates equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities and believes that this objective can be attained through education, recreation and social interaction.

It has developed a broad cultural framework embracing a range of activities such as sport, gardening, art, music and theater, held primarily in its purpose-built leisure center - Beit Rachel Straus.

All the activities are designed to help realize the organization's vision of encouraging social encounters between people with intellectual disabilities and members of the wider community

The Family Support Center provides services for children, youth and adults with intellectual disabilities who do not reside in AKIM Jerusalem’s apartments and hostels.

One of the principal aims of the center is to offer guidance and assistance to parents and other family members, through workshops, lectures and respite programs, with a view to their appreciating the advantages of independent living in the community.

The center operates an extended school day (tzaharon) program, a training apartment designed to prepare people with intellectual disabilities to live independently, a supportive environment course for the personal advancement of adults with intellectual disabilities and a care support program assisting low-income families having children with special needs living at home

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